Feedback – platforma online pentru prezentarea si dezbaterea proiectelor de design grafic

Am lansat FEEDBACK  – platforma online prin care am optimizat comunicarea cu clientii nostri. Putem aduga comentarii direct pe design, scurtand astfel timpul alocat pentru explicatii atunci cand colaboram la distanta.

Cum functioneaza:

  • Noi urcam conceptele grafice pe platforma, apoi vei primi o invitatie de participare la proiect.


  • Analizezi apoi postezi comentarii pe design, in dreptul elementelor grafice pe care le doresti modificate.


  • Poti invita persoane sa participe la dezbaterea proiectului.


  • Aprobi designul atunci cand am obtinut rezultatul dorit.


Optimizam modul de lucru si evoluam impreuna.

Golden age games illustration

We got a challenge from a Romanian client to come up with a package design for facial napkins that should bring up childhood memories.

The world had change a lot in the last 30 years. The technological revolution had moved the gaming into the virtual space.

Back in the days if you wanted to play a game you had to go out and meet your friends.

So we illustrated a series of games that most of the 80’s kids used to play.

This is the best way to bring those memories and emotions back to life.

The style of illustration is according to the comunist period: pastel colors, colorful environments, dinamic, happy kids.

The project has been developed on a Wacom Cintiq tablet.

The final package design: